Another long ride

I find myself facing another sporting challenge.

A good friend has stuck by me through some very tough times in my life. Having been a very keen cyclist with regular 100+ miles per week I stopped riding a few years ago. A busy job and life became too much for me and either my job or my hobby had to give way. I was totally burnt out. The physical exercise allowed me to de-stress, I was able to take on more work and push myself even harder. Being a person that finds it hard to moderate many things in my life, both work and fun, I stopped riding and focused all my efforts to my work.

On reflection it doesn’t sound like a successful strategy, even the benefit of hindsight doesn’t really give enough objectivity to decide either way. So back to the good friend, a friend who never gave up encouraging me to get back on the bike. A focussed guy who could aim high, work hard and deliver. The sort of person that can dedicate their spare time for months to train for one of the hardest Ironman triathlons on the circuit and complete in in less than 13 hours. Watching him cross the line was a memorable experience, the brief flash of joy, relief and pride of accomplishment. I’m proud of the man I know that can completely throw themselves at a task.

Given this support and demonstration of dedication, I was always going to yield to the constant nagging to complete another 100+ mile cycling event. Cue the Wiggle dragon ride, 126 miles and over 3000 metres of climbing.

I took the plunge and signed up –


So confident of completing the ride I found myself 6 weeks after registration having not started any training. I have long been reading about the benefits of training with a power meter. I was planning to purchase a pair of Garmin Vector pedals. They have been delayed for a long time now, perhaps even two years. The recent patch of bad weather highlighted the benefits of some indoor training, although having said that, I hate turbo trainers. Perhaps this is a leap of faith also. I will share my thoughts on my recent purchase of a Wattbike. Customer service from these guys is great, they are passionate about their product and it shows. I took delivery of a Wattbike pro on friday, only to find that it had been damaged in transit, bah! Bang goes the training for the weekend. Hopefully I can get a replacement some time this week and start sharing my training logs and discussing the journey of training for a challenging 126 mile sportive from a very poor base level of fitness.

Current mass 93.1kg, fitness shot – I puff after dashing up a single flight of stairs.

Really looking forward to the challenge.


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