my first Stand Up Comedy Gig

Had my first comedy gig on Monday night. Was great fun, I was hyper all day. A memorable experience. I had a mind fart half way through but fortunately I managed to hand break turn the rest of the gig to completion.

The 3 experienced comics showed us how to capture an audience, each with a very different style of comedy. I had no idea of the depth of talent in the UK. Seems comedians are very supportive of each other.

Sarah Archer was the MC, she did a great job getting the audience warmed up. Not sure how she kept the energy levels so high for the whole gig. Sarah’s view on the Irish whilst performing an Irish dance had everyone chuckling. Sarah kept her cool on the sidelines and rapid fired the virgins out one by one. She seems to be unaffected by the heavy stench of terror.

Stevie Gray’s fusion of almost music with inventive lyrics got a great response. I’m not a fan of audience participation but he made it work to great effect.

Next up, 6 comedy virgins. I was number 2. We all managed to get some belly laughs from the 100 strong crowd. The audience surfed on the back of our adrenaline fueled sets.

Tony Cowards finished us all off with relaxed mix of the perils of interbreeding mixed with puns aplenty view on bodily functions. Tony wins the crowd over with a nerdy yet charming persona, and even winces at some of his own puns.

The whole night was highly entertaining, anyone who has half fancied a go at performing a comedy gig should put themselves in the expert hands of Sarah. She knows how to introduce the mechanics of creating your own persona and comedy routine. Sarah has a great way of tuning in to people and knowing exactly what to say.

The whole comedy course has been very memorable. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and made some great new friends. Everyone on the course was do supportive, we all had a blast from start to finish.

Now it’s all done, there’s a titter shaped hole in my life.


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